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Free - $10 a class

In person or virtual options 60 min Class

Videos to Rent 5-30 min Classes

Class Category Descriptions

Yoga Equipment
Yoga Equipment
Yoga Studio
Hand Weights
Young Woman in the Gym

Yoga &
Gentle Yoga



Each class starts slowly, then the class builds in difficultly and options of more challenging poses are offered. (Beginner to Intermediate level). 

Live/Virtual (60min) and Video (30min) options available

Suggested equipment/props:

a yoga mat, blocks (2), Yoga straps, and a cushion such as a blanket or bolster

My most popular class! Exercises from these three disciplines are woven together to create unique sequences that strengthen your entire body.

Video (30min) options available


Suggested equipment/props:

Yoga mat, blocks (2), Yoga strap, and a lighter set of weights (2-4lbs) & a heavier set of weights (6-10lbs)

Classes are short but effective! Exercises focus on strengthening your core.

Video (5 min) options available

No equipment necessary, but a mat is suggested

Free Mini Lessons

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