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Many times we spend our energy being distracted by things that are outside ourselves and ignore the importance of connecting with our individual self. I have learned in my own life, that when I listen to, use, and truly appreciate my body, I gain a greater sense of awareness and connection to my self. I believe physical fitness is a key component to not only keeping our body strong, but it is also essential to keeping our self strong.  

Thank you for visiting. Namaste. 
​- Megan 

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A Yoga, Pilates, Strength class (~20mins)

and a Full Body workout in 3 moves (~8 mins)


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I am excited to share that I have written and published my first book! Click on the book cover to purchase for $9.99 US through Amazon.


Are you finding the transition from Plank, through Four-Limbed Staff Pose, up to Upward Facing Dog challenging? Are you unsure of how to modify the poses? Read my article 'A beginner's guide to a familiar, yet hard, yoga sequence of poses'.