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Online Class


Webinars range in length from 55 to 90 mins
Supplemental Text must be purchased through links provided below


A Beginner's Guide
to Yoga

Are you curious about yoga but want to learn more before signing up for a class? This 55 min webinar and the accompanying book* will teach you the basics about yoga. We will explore the physical alignment of over ten poses commonly seen in classes, and how to modify them if needed, helping you feel comfortable to take a yoga class.

Supplemental (recommended) text is not included. Must be purchased separately. Select the book cover below for details.

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How to Return to Exercise After Baby

Coming Soon!

90 min webinar explaining what physical changes happen to your body during pregnancy, why we need to consider these changes when we return to the gym after pregnancy, and how to rebuild  our body in a safe way. 

Exercises provided.

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