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A sample Yoga, Pilates, Strength class

(run time ~20mins)

Equipment needed:

  • a yoga mat

  • a light set and a heavy set of weights (optional)

This was the moose who was hanging out while I was filming (Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo of the hummingbird who was close to divebombing me!) 


 An 8 minute workout to strengthen your whole body.


1) Balancing Cat - hold each side for 30 secs

You can start with holding each side (extending opposite arm and leg) for 10-15 seconds and build your way up to 30s.


Our core strength is key and if you have taken my classes, you know that I regularly include these three moves.  These moves are short and sweet and yet during this sequence you are not only strengthening your abdominals (what most people refer to as the 'core'), but if done correctly, they also build strength throughout your:

  • entire front side (referred to as your anterior chain),

  • your entire back side (referred to as your posterior chain), and

  • your entire side body (on both sides)


I would recommend doing each of these exercises 3 times (should take less than 8 mins) and repeating the sequence  3-4 times a week. Hit the brew button on your coffee machine in the morning and finish this workout while you're waiting for a cup :-)  


2) Plank or Forearm Plank - hold for 30 secs

Start with 10-15 secs. If you need to modify, drop both knees down or alternate one knee at a time for a certain amount of time (10 secs with one knee, 10 secs with the other knee down). Plank does strengthen hands and wrists more so than forearm plank.

If you are unsure about form, check out my article on doing plank correctly

Forearm Side Plank.jpg

3) Side Plank or Forearm Side Plank - hold for 30 secs each side

Again, start with 10-15 secs and if you need to modify you may need to extend your grounding arm and drop a knee. Again, being on hands vs. forearms does strengthen hands and wrists more than being in forearm side plank.

See my blog article on side plank from beginning to end which explains progressive steps


Repeat each exercise 3 times and repeat all 3-4 times a week. 

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