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The 8 Limbs Of Yoga - Part II. An Introduction to the Yamas and Niyamas

The Yamas and Niyamas contain 10 ethical principles and practices within the 8 limb path. Yamas the practice of committing our energy to create positive relationships with those around us, with our environment, and also to create a positive relationship with ourselves. Five principles are suggested to guide us to create positive relationships throughout our life journey.

Ahimsa Nonviolence and Compassion - committing ourselves to care for others, for our environment and for ourselves.

Satya Honesty and Truthfulness - the practice of remaining honest and true in our thoughts, voice, actions, and in our heart.

Asteya Appreciation and Nonstealing - the practice of not taking advantage of and/or stealing from someone or from something.

Brahmacharya Positive use of Energy - the practice of caring how we use the energy of our body and spirit. Using our energy in ways to love vs. harm ourselves and others, and disciplining ourselves against overindulgence and/or shallow gratification.

Aparigraha Nonpossesiveness and Nonattachment - the practice of accepting who we are and sharing our life with others, rather than comparing ourselves to others and yearning for a different life.

Niyamas - the practice of committing and disciplining ourselves to lead a life of mindfulness. We are also encouraged to open our heart to what exists past our personal experience. Five principles are suggested to guide us to live a mindful life.

Saucha Purity - the practice of taking care of ourselves and making choices that reflect how we wish to inhabit the world.

Santosha Contentment - the practice of accepting who we are and our present state without seeking happiness or fulfillment elsewhere.

Tapas Self-Discipline - the practice of devoting and directing our energy to a life that we are proud of and one that we are actively involved in.

Svadhyaya Self Study - the practice of learning from the life that you live. Recognizing that your journey is a personal one that involves exploration and discovery of ones self.

Ishvara Pranidhana We are not alone -

the practice of recognizing and accepting that we are all connected and that we are not alone in our journey.


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