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Postpartum Workshops

Did you know that standard abdominal crunches may be the worst exercise to do in order to flatten your tummy after being pregnant? Did you know that leaking when jumping or sneezing may be common among postpartum women, but should not be considered the new normal? Did you know that Kegels may make your pelvic floor issues worse? 

After having my son, I learned a lot about how a woman's body changes during pregnancy and after birth.  I also discovered that there is a bunch of misleading information

out there on how to return to exercise. Unfortunately,  many

exercises can do more harm than good, making the recovery

process actually take longer.    

After being disappointed in the lack of care offered and information

availbable to postpartum women,  I became a Postpartum

Corrective Exercise Specialist so that I could educate moms and

fitness professionals on how a body physically changes during

pregnancy and what to be aware of in order to safely strengthen a

body after pregnancy. 

My workshops cover what to take into consideration when returning to exercise  (either as a postpartum woman or as someone who works with postpartum women), and how to re-establish body awareness to assist the healing and strengthening process.

Please note that women who are years postpartum can still benefit from this information. Workshops can be conducted in person or via online video conferencing. 

Who would benefit from a workshop:

  • Pregnant and Postpartum women

  • Personal Trainers

  • Group Exercise fitness instructors

  • Doulas

  • Yoga and Pilates teachers

  • Students currently attending a Yoga or Pilates Certification program

Contact me if you are interested in scheduling a 2 hour workshop or if you would be interested in learning more about upcoming workshops. 


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