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Yoga Mats

On Demand Classes


Each class starts slowly as movements and pose alignment are explained clearly. The class builds in difficultly and options of more challenging poses are offered. (Geared toward Beginner to Intermediate level).

Suggested equipment/props:

a yoga mat, blocks (2), Yoga straps, and a cushion such as a blanket or bolster

Yoga Equipment
Hand Weights
Yoga Studio


My most popular class! Exercises from these three disciplines are woven together to create unique sequences that strengthen your entire body.

Suggested equipment/props:

Yoga mat, blocks (2), Yoga strap, and a lighter set of weights (2-4lbs) & a heavier set of weights (6-10lbs)


Classes are short but effective! Exercises focus on strengthening your core.

No equipment necessary, but a mat is suggested

Yoga Studio

Mat Pilates

10-15 min classes incorporate breathing, core stability, proper alignment, and controlled movement. A low-impact class.

Suggested equipment:

a yoga mat,

Classes may incorporate: light weights, a Pilates ball, a resistance band, and/or a Pilates ring.


10-15 min classes incorporate dynamic and isometric movements to build  strength. Exercises are a mix of weighted and body weight exercises.

Suggested equipment/props:

a yoga mat,

a lighter set of weights, a heavier set of weights, and a resistance band

Elderly Woman at Gym

Senior Strong

Rock Balancing

Mediation & Breathing

Moving with Care

Group Exercise

Suspension Trainer

Coming soon!

Enjoy short meditations and/or learning a new breathing technique to de-stress.

Class Category Descriptions

Classes range in length from 5mins to 30mins
$10/month = access to ALL classes

Yoga Equipment
Young Woman in the Gym
Hand Weights

Coming Soon!

Strengthen your muscles and increase your range of movement for daily activities. Exercises will  either be done with participants seated in a chair or using a chair for support while standing.

A sturdy chair required.

Suggested equipment/props:

a lighter set of weights, Pilates ball, and

a resistance band

Wooden Chair
Home schooling


Monthly Subscribers also get access to videos that teach proper alignment, common mistakes that are made, and how to modify exercises or yoga poses depending on your needs or abilities.

Coming Soon!

Remain seated as you enjoy gentle movements to encourage flexibility and suppleness in your muscles.

Coming Soon!

Classes based on Yoga, Pilates, and/or Strength Building using the Suspension Trainer.

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