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  • Megan

Side Plank short sequence

To begin, check out the blog I wrote Side Plank From Beginning to End found in the Exercises/Yoga/Pilates Category. Here are two short sequences, one for beginners and the second is a more advanced option.

Sequence I - Beginner:

1) Table Top to Balancing Cat

2) Round through spine and connect Right knee to Left elbow.

3) Return to Balancing Cat

4) Both hands on floor. Bring Right knee to the outside of Right elbow.

5) Return to Balancing Cat.

6) End with opening up to Modified Side Plank. Repeat second side.

Sequence II - More Advanced Options:

1) Start from Plank and cross Right leg to Left elbow.

2) From Plank, Right knee to outside of Right elbow.

3) End in Side Plank. Return to plank and repeat second side.


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